Dec. 2014 Life Extension Foundation Magazine article - Zinc for Colds (22mb)

UK Column interview of George Eby (listen to 1 hour PodCast from Great Britian - The Health Revolution streamed live on Oct 16, 2013) Clive de Carle speaks with George Eby about the importance of minerals, particularly zinc and magnesium.

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Proceedings of the VIIIth Conference of the International Society for Trace - Zinc for Colds - Eby pages 133-136, Prasad pages 136-141

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George Eby Radio Interview on the Patrick Timpone show (February 7, 2012).

Drug Uses of Zinc in Common Colds, Leukemia, Angina Pectoris and? a Powerpoint presentaion by George A. Eby, M.S. George Eby Research Austin, Texas Zinc Signals Conference - 2005 Hotel Galvez, Galveston, Texas November 17 ?21, 2005.

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George Eby's 502 cubic inch supercharged hotrod Suburban

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Welcome to the George Eby Research Institute!!!!


George EbyWelcome to the George Eby Research Institute web site. This is a multi-gigabit sized site covering zinc lozenges and the common cold, of which George Eby is the world's leading expert. If you are viewing this site from a mobile phone, tablet or other small screen device, you may need to use a desktop computer to view the 517 files attached to this main page.

Finally, after 30 years of research, George Eby completes the research showing that strong zinc lozenges are indeed the long awaited cure for the common cold. Read about it in this article, the most accurate word on the cure for the common cold ever published. See this review of zinc lozenges for colds. Also, be certain to read the Life Extension Foundation magazine article in linked in the upper left column.

Ever wonder why throat lozenges rather than nasal application, or swallowing zinc? The mouth nose biologically closed electric circuit is the answer. See the details about this amazing fact of biophysics here. Briefly, positively charged zinc ions (as produced by these lozenges), which are strongly antirhinoviral, migrate from the mouth into the nose following this natural one-tenth volt electric circuit. Swallowed zinc has no effect on colds.

To purchase Eby's?ColdCure, go to

George Eby continues his research in many other areas, making considerable discoveries. He now believes that "natural alternatives" should be the "mainstream" of medicine, with pharmaceutical drugs used only as distant alternatives. BUT, the power of marketing has greatly overshadowed biomedical science, and we opt for expensive drug treatments rather than nearly free natural treatments. For example, clinical depression is almost always a magnesium deficiency rather than a Prozac deficiency. George Eby popularized magnesium for depression. He believes more chronic diseases are due to certain nutritional deficiencies than one would ordinarily belive, often zinc and magnesium (and in aging, Omega-3 EFAs, taurine, arginine and testosterone). In brief, if we knew enough about nutrition, we would need few drugs.

The links in the MENU (left side of screen) address Eby's research in diseases as disparate as a totally free cure for chronic rhinosinusitis by humming, prevention of menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea), allergy, depression, croup, smallpox, brown recluse spider bites, ADHA, navicular disease in horses, leukemia, cardiac (and staying alive) issues, aging and herpes simplex. Note my totally free and natural air pressure nasal decongestant. Learn how your cat can cause you to "catch" schizophrenia. Learn how you can cure sleep apnea with DHEA No more CPAP masks needed!

In a stunning report by Sliwinski et al. in 2009, zinc greatly decreased the viability of cancer cells. Zinc did not induce DNA damage in normal cells, but did so in cancer cells. Zinc inhibited the repair of DNA damage in cancer cells, suggesting that zinc protects normal cells against DNA-damaging action and increases this action in cancer cells, which clearly indicated that zinc can be useful in cancer therapy. That zinc was beneficial in the treatment of childhood leukemia was shown by Eby in 1984. Here is another report of the anti-cancer effects of zinc. Shaw at al. showed that all one needed to do to kill prostate cancer cells was to directly inject zinc acetate into the tumor. Zinc cures prostate cancer!

See his "Message to the United States Congress" about the extremely dire consequences of dietary magnesium deficiency and calcium excess. Review his zinc and angina pectoris pages for a potential cure for a serious heart issue. Did you know that an Omega-3 EFAs (fish oil) imbalance with Omega-6 EFAs (vegetable oils) causes over 90% of all lethal heart attacks? What you don't know about nutrition will kill you. His most frequently read page concerns treating depression with magnesium, the ultimate neuronal regulator. Use the search engine at the lower left of this page for your special "key words". Find the page where George Eby writes: "As you read this essay, please ask yourself if it is actually possible that modern medicine is built upon a foundation of quicksand (low magnesium and high calcium)?", and to that one might add "low zinc and Omega-3 EFA?"

Can you believe that testosterone deficieny in men causes major health problems, like heart attacks, atrial fibrillation and strokes? Is this why women live longer than men? Read my 2010 article about testosterone and atrial fibrillation at this link.

See the menu on the left for a series of articles on the health benefits of gallium nitrate, which by Eby's interpretation has huge benefits to horses and people, mainly though control of calcium, especially when calcium is controlled by nanobacteria. This is specially important in managing a range of diseases from navicular disease and arthritis in horses to arthritis, kidney stones, cardiovascular disease and calcified uterine fibroids in humans plus a large number of other conditions eneumerated on the navicular disease page. BTW, there is nothing more anti-inflamatory than gallium.

For your immediate review of nearly all of his published medical journal articles see this National Institute of Health, National Library of medicine PubMed search for "Eby G".

Over the years, George Eby Research Institute has become the world's leading authority on curing common colds with zinc. George Eby, the executive director, pioneered the subject with his breakthrough 1984 research.

If you want to understand why Eby's zinc lozenges work and others do not, and are not afraid to learn about the complex inorganic equilibrium solution chemistry science behind the discovery, read this meta-analysis published in Bioscience Reports and learn scientifically why Eby's zinc acetate lozenges are the only zinc lozenges that can cure common colds. HINT: They are the only ones to release enough of the active ingredient, positively charged zinc ions, to be effective.

Learn that not all dietary supplements are safe, since magnesium throat lozenges hypothetically might kill asthmatics, particularly children with asthma.

Effect of properly made zinc lozenges

A cure for the common cold? No way! You have been thoroughly indoctrinated to know there is no such thing! Right? There are too many rhinovirus types; and too many other excuses have been thrown at you by everyone from your mother to government research scientists. It's just unthinkable. Not to belabor the point, see what zinc lozenges having a zinc ion availability (ZIA) of 100 do to reduce the average duration of colds by 7 days, and to reduce the severity of all cold symptoms to the point that very few people have cold symptoms of any consequence after the third day.

To purchase Eby's?ColdCure, go to

What does the ZIA of zinc lozenges mean? Strength! Power! Efficacy! The strength of zinc lozenge in its ability to shorten common colds, or terminate incipient colds is directly related to the ZIA of the lozenges. A zinc lozenge having a positive ZIA value will release hydrated zinc ions (Zn2+) at physiologic pH evinced by oral drying (astringency) and major reduction in duration of colds. Zinc lozenges having a ZIA value of 100 are strong enough to terminate incipient colds in less than a day or reduce the average duration of existing colds by a week. They are pleasant tasting, flavor stable and cause no objectionable aftertaste.

ZIA 100 zinc lozenges release into the mouth 100 percent pure solution Zn2+ ions at physiologic pH which in laboratory studies are powerful - but totally natural - antirhinoviral agents, immune system aids, interferon inducers, cell plasma/membrane pore closing agents, anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, protease inhibitors, and strong drying agents.

On the other hand, other zinc lozenges having a zero or low ZIA value do not release zinc ions and are not astringent. Zinc lozenges with low positive ZIA values are not very useful and may not be sufficiently astringent to notice. Zinc lozenges having a negative ZIA value (ZnLN-) also are not astringent, often taste acidic and may worsen common colds. It is the lozenge ZIA value -- not the total amount of zinc -- that results in duration changes in colds. These ineffective, non astringent zinc lozenges are the type found in stores.

Do all zinc compounds release Zn2+ ions at physiologic pH? No!

To purchase Eby's?ColdCure, go to

Extreme variation in zinc ion availability (ZIA) values (negative 54 which worsened colds, to positive 100 which shortened them by an average of 7 days) of experimental zinc lozenges made between 1985 and today was the single factor that set back common cold research by more than 25 years, creating chaos. If you go no further into this site than this paragraph, you really should see how order is brought out of chaos using the relationship between zinc ion availability (ZIA) and its effect on the duration of common colds as demonstrated in published, peer reviewed reports of clinical trials of various zinc lozenges for common colds. For these and other peer reviewed articles click here.

good & bad zinc lozenges
What you may expect from various other commercial zinc lozenges is found here.

Allergy Season?

Zinc acetate lozenges are fabulous for seasonal allergies too! Usually only one or two lozenges are needed per day for complete nasal relief. Check out this annual allergy chart for more information about what allergens are in the air on a seasonal basis.

The Flu?

Remember, flu (influenza) is totally different from common colds and allergies and may require special medication from a physician.




His gallium nitrate research is a new and extremely exciting field that includes veterinary uses in the treatment of navicular disease and syndrome in horses, arthritis in humans and animals, treatment of iron dependent bacteria (80% of all human pathogens), anti-kidney stone effects and a host of other beneficial activites. Be certain to visit the gallium pages above for really exciting new research.



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